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Why Your Business Needs Social Media

For businesses in the 21st century, a strong social media presence is not just recommended but necessary to improve brand recognition, reach your target audience and promote significant growth. Still not convinced? According to a recent study, marketing budgets among companies are expected to double over the next five years. Considering the fact that nearly 2.5 billion (yes, billion) people in the world will be social media users at the end of 2018, there are tremendous upsides to a strong social media presence. However, if these stats aren’t convincing, here are five additional reasons why your business needs a strong social media presence in today’s market.

1. Search Engine Optimization – Every business has the goal to drive internet traffic and user engagement to their respective pages. Social media profiles help drive your business to the first result page in a Google search. This results in not only an increase in traffic but allows you to set the search narrative and increase brand positivity.

2. Clean Company Messaging – Having a clear line of communication to your target audience not only keeps them up-to-date on new launches, company policies and activities, but also gives you the chance to build the exact narrative you want to have in both positive or negative situations. Instead of focusing on quantity of posts, go for posts that build your brand and are relevant to your overall messaging.

3. Trust Factor – As social media has become a staple in everyday life, many people have started to trust brands that have a strong social media presence. If you don’t have a social media presence or it is severely lacking, you may actually be doing more harm to your audience than good. Be active, post regularly and post relevant and engaging material.

4. Market Advantage – Do not let your competition dominate social media. This has the effect of not only allowing them to increase their brand but also decrease yours! Not having a social media presence will derive you of the benefits of social media and give your competitors the added bonus of having an unchallenged market.

5. Closer Connection with Your Audience – Social media allows you to start and build close relationships with your customers. This close relationship transforms into brand loyalty, which turns your audience into your own group of personal promoters. Be creative and stay in touch and see your company engagement grow.

Having all the reasons to have a social media presence is one thing but implementing and establishing this presence is another. We at The Social Agency take pride in helping you grow your online presence through social media. Want us to help you create a strong social media presence or optimize your current platforms? We’d love to help!

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