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Zoom/Video Conferencing: How to Look Like A Pro!

By now, we’ve all been a part of one (or too many to count) Zoom or Video Conferencing meetings during 2020. To many, this was a brand-new experience and the proof is clearly in the video. It turns out, anyone can master the art of Zooming with a few basic tips. 

Lights, Camera and Action!

When considering where you will be during your video conference, here are the notes to consider: 

  1. Choose a background that isn’t distracting. For instance, if you have some sort of moving background, others on Zoom will only pay attention to that and will miss anything that you or others might say. Out of respect for everyone’s time, this would be a major point to consider.

  2. Lighting can also be a helper or an enemy during a Zoom. Choose a well-lit area that doesn’t have direct light coming in behind you. If your area is a little dim, try temporarily moving a lamp next to your computer or directly behind it. 

  3. The angle that you have your computer, tablet or phone camera can separate you from being a novice or a pro. For the best angle, you want the camera to be as in-line with your face as possible. If you’re struggling with this, some items found around your home, such as a box or a stack of books can elevate the camera. If you’re facing multiple Zoom calls in your future, purchasing a monitor stand might be a worthwhile investment. 

  4. When you’re speaking, try looking directly into the camera… this will give you the best result and will make sure that it doesn’t appear you are looking off into the distance or not really paying attention.

  5. Try out how all these points will look on camera by testing your camera before your video call. This can help you troubleshoot any issues before your actual meeting.

Quiet on the Set!

Just as important as the visual component of video conferencing is the sound element. A few helpful tips can 

  1. When choosing where your Zoom will take place, make sure noise will not be a distraction either. Select a space that doesn’t have interference noise – or that you’re not in a space where others will be talking.

  2. Wearing headphones can be a great help and will ensure that you can hear the other participants and can eliminate some of the background noise that might be surrounding you.

  3. If you are on a call with multiple people, remember to mute yourself when possible when you’re not speaking. Just don’t forget to unmute yourself when it’s your turn to speak once again.


With so many of us now working from home, the office attire has certainly seen a shift towards more casual Friday than meeting Monday. While we may all feel a bit more comfortable wearing pajamas for the new wardrobe, it might not correlate to the most professional attitude. Rather the best approach to attire for your video conference would be to dress as you would for the office. This can change your mindset from being at home where you practice rest to your work mode way of thinking and behaving.

Take Cues!

A few final notes to help you in the video conference journey… 

  1. Make sure you are on time for the call… if you’re unsure of how technology might work, try logging on a few minutes early. 

  2. Just as you would in an in-person meeting, be respectful of others speaking and mindful of when it’s appropriate to interject.

  3. Be also mindful of the allotted time of the call. With changing work conditions, others might still have scheduled meetings or appointments for the day.

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