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Are Your Social Media Channels Anti-Social?

Updated: Sep 19, 2018

Having a strong social media presence for your business has become imperative in today’s market to grow and connect to your target audience. However, having a good social media presence is only half the battle! Have you ever been in a situation where your social media accounts are not reaching your audience in a way that encourages responses and promotes growth? The problem may not be your social media presence at all but rather your interactions that have created an “anti-social” situation. Let’s take a look at these three things that can help boost your social media presence and improve target audience interaction.

Be Authentic and Be Yourself!

1) Just because you are trying to grow your social media reach does not mean you need to change who you are and how you communicate with others. Treat every interaction just as you would as if it were a face to face meeting. Also, make sure your posts reflect a natural and cohesive message that your business can build upon and that will improve the voice of your organization.

Communicate with All of Your Followers

2) Sometimes it comes naturally to reach those followers that have the most active presence with your social media platforms, but a problem develops when your content only reaches that small interactive audience and fails to consider the rest of your followers. This could inevitably lead to decreased involvement and even loss of an entire audience. To combat this, you must first identify the largest group of people you are trying to reach and then add variety to your content to ensure you are engaging the most individuals.

3) Don’t Make it a One-Way Street: Ask questions! Promote content that engages a response. Try not to create a platform where you are just providing content that speaks to the audience. Keep in mind that an engaged audience is more likely to share, like or comment, which give you increased exposure and insight.

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