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A More Visually Appealing Approach

Over the years, social photos have become more prepped, refined, and polished. Videos have been gaining popularity, climbing in the ranks to be the most powerful form of content out there for users. As photos still have a positive effect for marketing and engagement, videos are showing to be a medium that is easily grasped. They can be viewed by most age groups who are mobile-device users. A recent study by Google found that approximately 40% of millennials consider video to be a trusted source. Now with Gen Z setting the trend, there are more interested in learning information, news, and entertainment through video.

Features like Snapchat, Instagram Stories and Instagram Live (to name a couple), combined have a total of over 600 million users. Videos = “they’re gonna be huge!” There’s no need to fear to become a professional filmmaker. Most of what people gravitate towards is to see the real you, the live action, the grit, the fun. It’s important to keep in mind that videos can be essential when it comes to your content strategy...optimize the opportunity with your photos to mix it up!

We’re not saying to start capturing random videos of Joe taking a bite of that delicious burger without him being aware, but a plan helps. What are your goals for creating your videos? What’s your intent for engagement? Is your video for a trending holiday? How long should your video be for overall performance? These are questions that all should ask, but there’s no right or wrong answer. This should be a time for strategy to see what works and what doesn’t. Social media is ever evolving and so are your users. Stay in the now, keep up with the trends, figure out what works with your audience.

Having all the reasons to have a social media presence is key; but implementing and

establishing a strong presence is another. We at The Social Agency take pride in helping you grow your online presence through social media. Want us to help you create a strong social media content or optimize your current platforms? We’d love to help!

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